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“Coddswallop” is a small Yorkshire based museum charity dedicated to recording and preserving the wide range of pottery, glass, metal and paper based containers used for the every day products of the past.  The museum also features associated antique advertising materials and aims to show how such products were designed and manufactured.

Our distinctive name comes from Hiram Codd, a Barnsley businessman and inventor of the marble stoppered pop bottle. Cheap Victorian beers and soft drinks, often named “wallop” and thought to be inferior by serious drinkers, were widely sold in Codd’s patented bottles and gradually became known as a load of old “Coddswallop”.

The Coddswallop collection is currently housed at the Elsecar Heritage Centre on the site managed by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.  Some of the museum cabinets are also used to host regularly updated exhibitions reflecting a wide range of specialist collections.

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